What you need to know about Leyland and Gold Crest
  • Leyland is now the most widespread plant in sales for use in hedges. The most important is that it makes very dense fence with deep dark green color. Also it can get height up to 1 meter in a year. You need sunny spots (never in the shade). During the summer it needs plenty of water daily. Easily offended by fungus and it needs to be sprayed with fungicide 3 times in spring and 3 times in autumn. Root irrigation with fungicide may be also good. Aavoid wetting the leaves with water

  • Gold Crest is one of the most popular plants for hedges after Leyland. Requiresa lot of water and sunny spots. In case of fence plants should be planted at a distance of one meter from each other, and also at least half a meter away from the wall. It can reach a height of five meters without problems. Also such as Leyland offended by fungus and it is good to have preventative fungicide sprays.