Ornamental Plants

In general term ornamental plants are characterized all those plants that are cultivated or used for decoration, hence are called and decorative, are used for both outdoors, such as groves or gardens, trees, etc. and for indoors inside houses, offices etc.

The systematic cultivation of such plants started in the northern areas where winter lasts for several months and the need of contacting human with nature is greater. Today with the current way of urbanization and reduction of living space generally,this aspiration is presented more intense to have been spread to the southern areas as well..

Indoors and Outdoors Ornamental plants
Ornamental plants are divided into two main categories, depending on the area of ​​cultivation, in "indoor" ornamentals and "outdoor" ornamentals and the second are knows as "garden plants"

This basic distinction is not limited only in the area but also in the diversity of caring, exposure to the light, resistance to outdoors depending on area's climate etc. Ornamental outdoor plants are tThuja, Leilant, Cupressus Macrocarpa Goldcrest etc.