Garden design and smart solutions

A proper approach can save space and money. Let's see in a different way classical approaches:

  • If you have a small garden design the covered garage and the barbecue to coexist in the same space. Only 30% of the total area of ​​the grill is organic space (the outbreak), the remaining space is empty. You will also need a table that can easily transfer
  • In the covered garage instead of a corrodor with a single plate with cement, lines twice your wheels are enough for you..


Prefer plants of the region. Are beautiful without many treatments and withstand phenomena that occur every 30 years. Imagine the following picture: Within 3 days the plants you look after for 30 years are all dry.

Hallway The corridor that leads home let not be concrete because apart from ugly has no particular utility. A path from Karystian or Pelion plates elevated with plates positioned with a gap between them 3 cm so as to sprout little resistant lawn adds a special view to the garden.

Saving water
Always expensive, always scarce. Another reason to avoid the lawn and prefer plants of the region. Always with intelligent design.

Do not make economy in design, but at the age of plants. Prefer a good project and plants which in 2 years will have the desired size despite a mediocre design and large plants. Especially for bushes and gold crest leylant, roses. This could be a law.