Pruning of conifers requires extreme caution

Is done every year at plants that have woody trunk and stems and the plant parts that are pruned are the branches.

Pruning Information
The cutting of the top and the upper parts in developed conifers, εespecially when grasp roots or mainly if they are too old equivalent to the death conviction.

The first written reference we have is by Theophrastus,featuring in advance destructive the particular pruning (TREE PRUNING).

But while cutting the top, destroys our tree, has been observed that if the stem breaks at relatively low height from the ground, do not forget that reaches 20-25 meters high in that area and at a point where the surface of trunk is smooth, without knots, can develop the new shoots on the perimeter. This development of new shoots is called "amfafxis" or "amfifya" and may be accompanied by dark pigments shades of the trunk...