pruning. Introduction

Pruning trees and plants is a basic gardenart work which enhances the plant's growth and production. At the same time, it helps us to maintain or improve the format and flowering.

Done every year at plants that have woody trunk and stems and plant parts that are pruned are branches.

Pruning in Winter

Pruning of the deciduous is done in winter because the plant has reduced the intensity of vital functions, evergreen instead we can prune all year. The plants which blossom in the winter do not prune but wait to finish flowering.

The vegetation and the flowering are two competing functions of the plant. The flowering delay the vegetation and the opposite.By pruning we try to balance these trends or to direct them according to our desires eg. rich foliage or secondary or special shaped trunk and foliage..

Appropriate time for pruning
Pruning is done during the winter season, especially in the cold, because the vital functions of the plant are minimized..

The plants which blossom in the winter do not prune in winter, but we wait to finish flowering. Never pull or crimp the branches by hand. Each non-smooth intersection is a source of contamination. If we are not strong enough we buy pruning scissors with long handles, so they require less power.

Disinfect pruning tools regularly. Otherwise, an infection will be carried by the scissors to all the trees. The incision is made over the point that the new shoot or flower is coming. The incisions will be made to tilt the 45o contrary to the last eye whichwe keep on the branch. The direction of the incision is the opposite of that the new shoot comes out . We remove the branches from their base. Prune all the rotten branches. Also the dry, crooked and those with blows.

Benefits of Pruning
  • The plant is renewed. Dried and whisked twigs are removed.
  • Rotten twigs or with illnesses are removed, so as we have healthy growth and minimize future problems.
  • The new vegetation grows denser.
  • The production is richer.
  • The shape can be corrected.
  • The growth is controlled.
  • Best insolation and ventilation iof plant leading to healthier plants

Take advantage of this winter for a good pruning. If you have not done it before, think that there's always the first time even if you are a bit conservative with scissors.