Winter tips for your plants

The plants need watering in winter. Plants - Trees with normal humidity levels, cope better at low temperatures and frost. Keep watering, but in infrequently.

The strong and dry air takes the moisture from the foliage and the trunks and the dirt dries. So after an air check if the plants / trees need watering. Also we water when enough time has gone without rain. Remember: we do not prune in low temperatures.

Methods and Solutions
Fertilize the plants and trees, infrequently and two weeks before the temperature drops do some lubrication nitrogenous fertilizer.

The dried leaves of palm trees, protect the tree during the winter. So wait until the spring to remove dried.On days with very low temperatures and snow do not plant or transplant, not only because it is harder to dig the frozen ground, but also the plants are very fragile and is easy occur a problem, which,if not seen immediately will be seen in the spring (limited development, etc.). Naturally the same same applies to plants to be planted or transplanted to pots.