Planting trees and bushes

Fruit trees and bushes, with the wonderful buds and various shapes, embellish every garden. And aside from the beautiful appearance, delicious fruits fill with pride the garden owner.

  • Berry shrubs and bushes trees are suitable for separating the parts of the garden, eg to separate the garden from the flowers or to protect us from prying eyes of neighbors. It's easy to create walls covered with foliage using trellises and climbing fruit trees, eg raspberries or blackberries.

  • September and October are the ideal months for planting trees and bushes. The dirt is still warm so the plants have enough time to form roots, before entering the winter

  • If you want to embellish your garden with deciduous and evergreen trees, make sure to plant them early in September. For evergreens, it is very important to take care that the roots are grown satisfactorily in warm dirt, so that the sheets are fed sufficiently with water during the winter.

  • When you choose trees or bushes, take into account the conditions prevailing in the place you want to plant them. For example, fruit trees require soil rich in humus, deep and loose which should be moist, but not wet. The areas where is danger of frost are contraindicated. Another factor in the choice should be the final size of the fully developed tree or bush. If you are not absolutely sure, it is better to consult an expert.

  • To properly plant one fruit tree, the planting pit should be twice the width of its roots. After relaxing the compacted base, you can put the tree in the hole. The point where the manure will spread should be about 10 cm above the ground. The first years, stabilize the trunks of normal and half trees with a mainstay. After filling the pit with planting dirt - make sure it is rich in humus! - Press the dirt and water thoroughly. Do not forget to water the tree regularly in the early days and when the weather is dry.